Ash And Coals EP "Agnostica" is out now! It can be downloaded for free under music/downloads. It is released in collaboration with Sounds of Zilence. A gatefold vinyl is also available through or

On the new recording, "Agnostica", Ash And Coal have removed some of the layers and let in a bit air. It's still heavy and grand but also downbeat. There is a low-key feeling that characterizes the six tracks. Ash And coal is now reinforced by Magnus Pettersson and Joakim Kärling on guitars.

Viktor Klint - Vocals, Bass, guitars
Adrian Hörnquist - Drums, percussion
Joakim Kärling - Guitars
Magnus Pettersson - Guitars


About Ash And Coal
The prime members of Ash And Coal, Viktor Klint and Adrian Hörnquist, have been playing together on and off since the early 90s. They have explored the extreme parts of metal, rock, hardcore and punk, with focus on the first two genres. Different people and different bands have come and go. With Ash And Coal the two take their musical aspirations further. Now reinforced by Magnus Pettersson and Joakim Kärling on guitars. Ash And Coal is a work in constant progress. It’s music that’s formed within a metal framework but that make room for different influences and features. But a clear pattern is in the music: The simple riff and the feeling in the gut. That is the guiding star when the world’s too messy and disrupted.

Said about the debut ”Ash And Coal”
”Using sluggish, luring riffs that feel a bit southern a nice original musical journey unfolds.” (Lords of metal,

”Dark, brooding and introspective metal, with a hint of blues, that oozes with confidence. It´s quite easy to do something a little bit different, but different and good? Thats moore of a conundrum. But Ash And Coal have managed to mix things up, take a road less trevelled, and have come out with a winner. (Zero tolerance)

”…it is all done with such effortlessness and class that I really can’t believe this is the bands debut album. It oozes sophistication and confidence and it’s not impossible that this could be a last minute addition to my top 20 albums list of 2010. Excellent stuff!” (

”Ash and coal knows how to create soundscapes that shrugs you so hard that the only thing to do is to surrender to both the pain and the beauty…” (Close-Up Magazine)


Download Ash and Coals "Agnostica" HERE.

Ash and Coal

1. Grim reapers sway
2. The crying game
3. Of mire and filth
4. Dyalogus mano sinistra
5. Agnostica
6. Let the warhorses loose


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